Wealth Transfer, 2013

Capital rely on algorithms to manipulate markets - their erratic effects either intentional or accidental - are everywhere yet is hard to perceive them immediately, given the scale of time and fabricated complexity in which accumulation and exchange is performed at high frequency scale. The patterns produced by HFT activity are testimony of the behavior of financial markets, and unlike them, these patterns aren't sacred or untouchable: they can be used to generate other forms of wealth, like music.

Patterns of market crashes caused by high frequency trading were printed on transparency paper, put over a computer screen and drawn into the Renoise music software. The waveforms transferred were used to create some of the music patterns and beats compiled in 3 different tracks included in a 10” vinyl record.

1. 010 Flash Crash
2. 012 The Knightmare
3. 013 The Tweet Crash

Wealth Transfer Remixes 

Dataslöjd Summer Show
Wealth Transfer 10" : Dataslöjd Summer Show

Dataslöjd Summer Show
Wealth Transfer 2013: Dataslöjd Summer Show

Transparency print over screen
Transfer to Renoise: Transparency print over screen

Transparenc over screen
HFT patters transparency: Transparenc over screen