Resistors, 2009

The scapulars are religious objects, which are made of fabric and are worn as talismans, to increase devotion, or to promise protection from eternal punishment.

During the period of colonization in America, the Catholic Church used different methods to dismantle the traditions and beliefs of the native cultures, to establish Catholicism as the dominant religion in America. This process involved death, slavery, trusteeship and the resignation of the natives’ beliefs, by means of destruction of their idols and temples to force them to adopt the new religion. They would battle and resist by hiding their symbols behind the imposed ones and pretending their faith and devotion.

Learning from the colonial success and inspired by the sacramental aspect of religion, these tools for the end of the world are meant to offer extra-protection from greed, power, surveillance and copyright. They remind the wearer to resist.

Pretend faith. Tame the enemy

*Photos by Claudia Wondratschke.
*Work acquired by Timelab Collection in Gent, Belgium.

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