Hexaclock, 2007

Hexaclock is a custom made digital clock designed to delay seconds while time traveling commissioned by an astronaut that chase endlessly the future.

On January 1st, 2008 an astronaut locked up his self on a time machine. In order to travel in time the accurately, the time traveler request me to design a clock to slow time in a 3:2 scale, based on his dyscordian calculations.

The Hexaclock is based in the shape of an hexagon and split time in 3 dimensions. Each our has its own symbol, which is never the same. Hexaclock its a useless device that counts 3 minutes for every 2. Each hour is a symbol based on an hexagon and it is unefficiently controlled with your key board. Press N to reset. 1 to 6 to adjust the minutes or Q to V to change the hour.

Launch the Hexaclock.

Get the source code. Built with Processing

Photo courtesy of Substitute Materials